Thursday, June 3, 2010

Twitter vs. Facebook

Today I realized something. I hate logging into Facebook. All these people who are my "friends" always post such happy shit. It makes me want to vomit most days. No one is that happy all the damn time. I am not saying all of them are like that but the majority are. Frankly, I am sick of it. They have such happy lives, with perfect families, perfect jobs, go to parties, have parties..bla bla bla. I have also noticed they are very self absorbed. Its all about them. They don't really interact with me, so really why I am I on your "friends" list? They don't care about my life or what is happening, again some do, but the majority of my 200 friends could care less. I don't care about your dumb kids, your great husband or anything else for that matter.
Then you go on Twitter, where most of your followers are actually strangers. you have no connection in any way and yet they care. they want to know about your day, maybe not every little detail, but they want to know. They comment on the billion pictures you post of your dogs. I get all mushy with them I love to see pictures of their dogs, cats, families, Hear their beautiful romantic stories and help them with problems if I can. I can write stupid things, vent and act crazy and they accept that. Again these are strangers who have become my friends. There is something wrong here.

Logically, it should be the other way around. I should love Facebook and hate Twitter, but I don't and from what I can tell many others are the same way. One of my Twitter friends really put it in perspective:

"thecarolineann fb is like tacking it to a billboard and beaming while everyone stares at you. tweeting is like sitting at lunch w friends."

I love Twitter and the people I have met and I have met some amazing people that I most likely would not have met on Facebook. Below are the Tweets I posted that was the inspiration behind this blog...

"Interesting fact about me: I hate going on fb & reading about all the happy lovey couples with their perfect fucking lives but..."

I get all mushy happy when I read things about my tweeter family. I believe it bc tweeps on here are more real and peeps on fb are just not"