Saturday, September 26, 2009

The post office

Today was one of those "I got out of bed..why?"

I had to mail a whole bunch of to my friends all over the world. One package was going to Germany, it had two bags of chips in it. It was going to cost 38.00..Really? Then I had a package going to the UK with 4 packages of Oreos..that was going to cost 41.00..Really? Then I had a package going to the Australia, it had muffin tins and candy it cost 23.00...Really? The package going the furthest cost the less..How does that make sense? I ended up going to the post office 3 times today because I had to repackage the one to the UK and then I had to Overnight my cobra payment..I hate the post office.

Reznor was so funny tonight. My neighbours have a fire pit and they had a fire tonight and Reznor was doing his little growl and pacing back and fourth..It was so cute.

I officially have an A in my class. I am so happy. I can not get anything but A's. I want honors so badly.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

life and everything in between

I enjoy my life as much as I moan and groan about being sick and broke. I am a very happy and positive person. A LOT has happened to me in the last 6 months and I have learned a lot. But you want to read about my magical moments of clarity? Nah..I didn't think so.

This week has been crazy. Calvin had bladder surgery last week, so he has been high like his mommy all Reznor has decided that the couch makes a yummy chew toy...he really took my words to heart when I whispered "chew the couch so I can get a new one"..opps my bad. Diesel has been trying to decide if he wants to play with Reznor or kill him. I believe the killing part is on top.

I managed to sprain my foot and ankle and then blew out my knee. I laugh at all this. What else can I do? LOL

My dogs are my life and I love them so much. Everyday I find a new reason to love them more. Diesel always seems to know when I need to cuddle and he crawls up on my chest and nuzzles his head in my nook. Calvin is too high to do anything. He seems to have become fond of being carried everywhere. He just plops down and waits for me to come get him and carry him to wear he needs to be. I have created a spoiled He ripped out some of his staples the other day so we had to go get more put in. Poor guy. Don't feel too bad for him, he did manage to look pathetic enough to get a new toy and a couple of treats. Reznor is the craziest of them all..He runs around the durniture like it is a race track and every circle around he gains speed and when he believes he is done. He just stops. LOL. His other new thing is that he gains speed on the carpet then hits the bare floor and slides. he stops when he hits a wall. He also enjoys harassing the frogs. Poor little frogs. He chases them and then picks them up in his mouth and drops them on the grass..I think he he thinks he is helping them. Yes..they have peed in his mouth..several times. He is doing well in puppy school, he enjoys getting my mom's dog in trouble by getting her to start He is my little terror.

Later today I should ahve some more fun stories since we have puppy class tonight and he hasn't seen my mom's dog since Saturday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Calvin, my middle puppy, is having surgery today. He has to have bladder stones removed. I am so upset about this. I feel so helpless. He is my gentle soul. Sure he growls and wags his tail at the same time but he is the best cuddler and gives the funniest kisses. I hope he is ok and I will worry until I get the call.
I have my mom's dog here. she and Reznor, my youngest puppy, crack my shit up. they run around my house like they are doing track and field. Their new thing is to get up speed on the carpet then slide when they hit the linoleum. All you see is fur slide past you and hit the wall to

I love my dogs. They are my reason for getting up in the morning. They make me laugh and have made me realize life can be just one big playday!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wave Goodbye

I am so sad today. My favorite group, Nine Inch Nails is playing their last show. It has been 20 years and I can not believe it is over. Trent is an amazing artist who saved my life with his music. He is able to take the worst events and put music to it and then it touched your soul.

I will always be a NIN fan. I will always love Trent and Justin. I will continue to pray that they come back..soon.

I am not ready to "Wave Goodbye". Over 20 years of NIN...It's been a wild ride. Thank you Trent Reznor for everything, I look forward to your future endeavors. I will always ♥ you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dogs are children in fur coats...

I love my dogs..I would do anything for them and if someone hurt them..I would hurt them back. Lately, it seems my house has been taken over by them. Their crates take up a whole section of the family room, their toys another section and then they take over the couch. I am surprised I have room on it right now. My dogs are small 19 pounds but I tell you they can take up some room. My first two use to take up one whole side of my king bed..Imagine if I had all three on it. I would have to sleep on the floor but as long as they are

I always say a dog can pee, puke, bite, whatever on me and I will be like it's ok..But if a child did any of that I would be

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love at first sight...

I was on facebook, like I always am, when I saw one of my "friends" was pregnant and she put "I never knew love at fist sight existed until I saw this (being her ultrasound picture)". Don't get me wrong I am happy for her but I have a huge problem with her statement. It may be petty and maybe I don't understand because I don't have kids but in some strange way this statement offended me. I am not sure why. I do know love at first sight. I had it with each of my dogs, I know I had it with my parents when they first held me and I had it with my friends children when I first saw them.
I just think her statement is false. I understand her excitement but really did she have to put that? What does her husband think of that it is like she cares more about the baby in her womb then her husband or anyone else.
I am sure I am being stupid, but I just don't get it.