Thursday, December 10, 2009

Doggie...Its cold outside

Each morning, I wake up to the sweet whimpers of Reznor. He is still crated at night so he lets you know its time to get up and go potty. As soon as my eyes open I am assaulted by Diesel and Calvin. Morning kisses to start my day off perfectly.
I let Reznor out of his crate and take the boys outside. In winter, this is a big ordeal. The long lines are frozen, so I have to warm up the metal to get the clasp open. The wind is blowing and it is freezing out as I fumble with 3 lines. Once I finally get that done...they go In the freezing weather they are out there playing. Chasing the one leaf that is left, digging in the dirt, barking at people walking by. After about 20 minutes of freezing my ass off, its time to go in. No..this does not happen..Nope. The dogs decide that now they should potty. So I stand out there for another 10 minutes waiting. I can't go in because then they will stop what they are doing and run to the door because I am out of their sight. Once they are finally done, we come in and get a treat. I begin to thaw out when Reznor decides he has to go out again..He sits at the gate crying and howling. Outside we go where he plays with the rocks. No potty, just playing in the rocks. We come back in and Diesel decides he has to go out, so out I go..again.
This little potty game, lasts all day. Every 20-30 minutes I am taking one or all of them out, in the cold. I should mention..In the summer..we don't have this fun game. It is going to be a long long long winter.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I am thankful for!

I am thankful for my family, my wonderful boys and the wonderful life that I have. I wish all my friends and family a very very Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

To those who have touched my life..

In March, I will have been sick for 3 years. I have been threw a lot of up and downs, but have managed to have stayed positive and kept a smile on my face. If your reading this in some way you have touched my life. You may be my best friend or someone who I just tweet with. That being said...I am asking something from all of you...

1. Embrace everyday. You never know when something will instantly change your life forever.

2. Be true to you. Never change who you are for someone else. If they don't love you for who you are, they don't belong in your life.

3. Love without condition.

4. Be kind to those who love you. You may not feel the same way but that doesn't give you the right to hurt someone.

5. Always, Always, Always be able to laugh at yourself. Nothing is ever as bad as you think it is.

6. Don't be so serious that you suck the life out of those around you. Make sure you always keep a light heart and a happy attitude.

To all of you, thank you for your support. It has meant so much to me. Hugs xoxoxo

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You will never Pee alone again

I remember the days when I could go into the bathroom and enjoy a magazine or just some alone time. Not anymore..My dogs now feel that it is their job to be in their with me. As I walk to the bathroom the pitter patter of 12 little paws follow me. They smash into the door and begin playing the bathroom. TP rolls are shredded, the door stopper is played with and sometimes if I am lucky I have a puppy or 3 lying on my feet.

Reznor has special "bathroom toys" he only plays with them in the bathroom. They stay in the bathroom and he gets upset if they are moved into the other rooms.

Even if I make it into the bathroom alone. The scratching and whining breaks me. LOL.

I love my dogs..

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

blurp, blurp, blurp

I was lying on my couch when I heard this "blurp, blurp, blurp" sound. I thought it might have been on the tv, so I muted it. Then there is was again "blurp, blurp, blurp". I for sure thought my basement was flooding because it had been raining a lot so I got up as I did I heard the sound again and out of the corner of my eye I saw Reznor at the water dish. He was making the sound. LOL. He was sticking his whole head in the water dish to try and get out a piece of food that he had dropped in the dish.

I called his name and he looked at me with a soaked face and a look of "what do you want, I am busy". Then he proceeds to dunk his head back into the dish, makes the "blurp, blurp, blurp" sound and dumps the water dish all over the floor. I should of just staied on the couch. LOL

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I thought I bought a puppy not a goat.

Reznor can keep me laughing for hours. He goes and goes and goes then all of a sudden he will stop and take a nap then when he wakes he is off

When we go out to potty he has a routine. He bolts out the door and lands in the grass where he begins to eat it, but he doesn't eat chunks of it. He grazes. The he heads over to the Hosta's and nibbles on all the leaves.

He has also found a new love..digging. He has a hole that he works on when it isn't muddy. It is perfectly round and he is so proud of it. He will sit beside it, on top of it then roll all over it.

Potty time is such an adventure with him.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Confessions of a mean hott girl..Part two

Now that you have had time to compose yourself from the first part, are you ready to laugh even harder? This is everything that happened after I left and how I finally had to tell him to get a clue.

Sunday Night I signed into yahoo messenger. I forgot to set myself as invisible and as soon as I appeared online he Im'd me.

Him: how are you feeling?
Me: terrible
Him: I am sorry we wore you out at the wedding last night Me: you didn't
Him: I know you weren't feeling well and I should have taken you back to the room as soon as I saw you didn't feel well.

Me: I appreciate your concern, but I have been dealing with this for a long time and I know how to take care of myself.

Him: Don't be mad at me I can hear the anger in your voice. I was joking.

You asked me a question earlier today if you had a chance. To be honest all I wanted this weekend was to have a good time and get to know you. I was really hoping to just go with the flow and not have to feel pressured to make a choice, but you have voiced that you want an answer and need to know. So No you do not have a chance with me.

I signed off after that. I know it seems extreme that I turned that fast and it looks like he is just concerned, but the whole time I was with him he made me feel sick. I kept telling him I didn't want to talk about it and not to worry but he pushed and pushed the topic. I was already pissed off because of what I had to deal with and this just sent me over.

I received an email from him later that night: {I should note that on this email were bubble hearts}

I honestly don't know why I asked you that today, but, I never said I had to have a yes or no answer right this moment. Your right we might be compatible or we might not. I don't exactly know how I just made you very mad and I am sorry I did. I guess I am asking you to forgive me and please do not base things one one stupid mistake that I would not be able to forgive myself for. you are a wonderful woman and no matter if you forgive me or not you will make some man happier than he can imagine.

He really thinks that is why I am done? Whatever..I didn't respond to this. I was done. I made my choice very clear and I figured he would just leave me alone. No such luck.

Monday I got a text from him: I am coping it directly..Spelling errors and all.

Hay I know you were pretty mad yesterday, I don't know whats up, if you hate me and never contact U again or what. Do you still want to go to Phantom or should I ask someone else? I do want to take U, but U have to tell me whats up.

I got another text 6 hours later with ???

I didn't respond to either. I am pretty sure my im explained how I felt. There really wasn't any gray area. Apparently I was wrong because I got another IM..this one was classic...

so what we can't still be friends because we were not compatable as a couple? I would not have expected the cold sholder from you nor would I have ever just abandoned you. I told you I never abandon friends and yes we could have still been friends. I hope your feeling better.

Abandon him? Ummm...It was decided that I needed to send one last email so that he would leave me alone.

Here is the email I sent to him:

Clearly I need to spell things out for you, since you can't seem to get a clue. I do not want any type of relationship with you, be it romance or friendship. Your behavior this weekend was appalling. The way you kept smothering me, continuously touched my back and head when I asked you not to and how you were so disrespectful to your family during your brother's special day. However the worst was how you were with your son. The way you talked about his mother in front of him, how you were hanging off of me in front of him and how you kept pushing him off on your mother. Your mother was under enough stress. She didn't need to have to watch your child. You have too many issues and are too toxic for my life. I have enough stress and problems in my own life without having to cope with someone else's, especially someone who is very needy on so many levels, and hasn't a clue on how to even have a decent relationship with your own child. Please do not contact me again. I will not change my mind and I DO NOT want you in my life..EVER. I wish you the best in everything you do and hope you find the happiness you want.

I have been told I should be getting a hate email. I still haven't gotten it or you know that would be my strong ending..LOL.

I do feel bad about attacking his parenting and I am not one to do that but I feel so bad for his son. He is a pawn in the hate game his parents have and someone needed to call him out on it.

If I do get that hate email. I will post it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Confessions of a Mean Hott Girl!

Last week was the week from hell for me. As bad as it was, it makes for a great story. So grab some snacks, a glass of wine and curl up with your computer and get ready to laugh your ass off. I am sure a few of you will snort. LOL

I met this boy on the internet a few months ago. We started chatting and became friends. He was nice, caring and funny. He was overseas working so he was just great to chat with at the strange times that I am awake. About a month ago he told me he needed a date for his brother's wedding and wanted to know if I would go. I said i would because I thought it would be fun to get out of the house and he seemed like someone who would be fun to hang out with. As the time for him to come home got closer he was beginning to make a ton of plans with me for the whole time he would be home. Again, I didn't mind because they were some fun things, like haunted houses, Phantom, past life readings, tats and so on. I still wasn't worried about him trying anything or pressuring me for some relationship because he had made it perfectly clear he just wanted to make friends until he was home for good.

Monday October 5th

He arrived home on Monday. He called me from the airport and we chatted. He told me how he was wearing a $12000 watch and how he had like $50,000 worth of jewelry. How one day he just went out and bought a car because he felt like it. He didn't shut up about how much stuff cost. He then told me how the girl sitting next to him on the plane asked him to stay with her that night and catch a flight the next day.

He then told me he was busy all day so we would have to meet another day. Then I got a text wanting to know if I wanted to go to dinner with him and his son. I said I was busy and couldn't. Then he wanted to know if I wanted to hang out after I went to puppy school. Again I said no. Spend time with your kid and I will see you tomorrow. We had decided to meet on Tuesday. He called me later that night and we chatted again about various stuff. I told him I could meet him after 1pm on Tuesday because I was busy until then. Well, he asked what I was doing, if I could change it and then where I wanted to meet him.

Tuesday October 6th

At 8:30am I was woken up with a phone call from him. {side note: who the hell calls anyone before 9am especially someone whom you know doesn't go to sleep until 5am?} He wanted to know when we were meeting and where. I told him like 1:30p because I had somewhere to be. So I finally meet him at Best Buy. I walk up to him and he ignores me as he is talking to a sales associate. I walk away and look at movies. He comes over and starts babbling. We walk around Best Buy and he basically buys everything. He buys ps3 remotes, a game, an ipod thingy for his car, some movies. Freaking over $300 worth of stuff. Ok..whatever.
We walked to his car to put the stuff in it because we were going to the Halloween store on the walk over he was like "I am going to kill my kid" I looked over and he was holding a pair of sunglasses, I asked what was wrong and he said "I think my kid scratched my glasses". I said "go buy another pair, they are just sunglasses" He looked at me like I had lost my mind then said "these are $400 glasses, you don't just buy another pair" I was like "your going to kill your kid over $400 glasses?" then all of sudden they weren't scratched. LOL.
In the Halloween store we looked at everything and it was actually pleasant until I said I was going to be a pirate for Halloween and he said "aren't they all wenches?" WTF? really..your going to call me a wench? At this point I am racking my head to try and figure out how to get out of going to the wedding. This boy is nothing like how he was on chat and I wanted out. I got nothing.
We went to the mall then another Halloween store. On the ride to the Halloween store he talked about his guns and how he was almost mugged and how he is never without a gun because the world is a horrible place. It never stopped with the negative. That was hard for me because I am a positive person, I have to be.
Finally, I got to go home. I was still trying to figure out a way not to go but talked myself into that he was nervous and just babbling because of it. So I decided to give him another shot that and I knew the count had been put in for the wedding and I would have felt so bad about that. I remember when people didn't show up to mine, it cost a freaking fortune for empty plates. I was going to do the right thing.

Wednesday October 7

he wanted to go out but I had stuff to do and a hair appointment at 4pm so I wasn't wanting to go out. I also had to get school work done and I was fighting with my internet. I told him this ALL DAY. At 3:30p my internet was still down and I was desperate. I was looking for places that had wifi and was not having any luck. I texted him and asked him if he knew of any place and he said his house. I was like if my internet isn't up when I get home I am coming over. He then told me he bought an xbox 360 and Halo 3. {when were at best buy I was talking about how much I wanted to play Halo 3 and said you should buy an xbox. I didn't think he would.}
My hair appointment was at 4pm, he knew this. I told him several times. Here is the breakdown of our text message conversation:

Him: do you want to go to dinner with me and my kid?
Me: I am getting my hair done
Him: when will you be done
Me: a few hours
Him: so by 7
Me: I don't know. I have several colors to put in and I am only on the first one. Plus I have to do school if my internet is up.
{He calls me} I don't answer
Him: 7:30?
Me: I don't know. I do not think I can go. I have to do school.
Him: where are you at?
Me: the city I am in
Him: me and the kid are by Best Buy and going to go to the Chinese restaurant. Will go at 7:30. Will you be here by then?
Me: No. I won't be done by then and I have to do school. I can not come out tonight. We can hang out tomorrow.
Him: What time do you think you could get here.
Me: I can't
Him: (he calls) I don't answer
Him: ok. I will talk to you later.

Mind you the whole salon is laughing because of the remarks I keep making. My hairdressers is laughing so hard about it. We put extra blue in my hair because he made a comment about how he didn't really want the blue in for the wedding. Bitch, You knew I had blue hair. LOL

Thursday October 8

I am suppose to go see him but its raining and I don't drive in the rain. He is like I will come get you and I was like no. So we talk on and off all day and he keeps wanting to know when I am coming over. Again, I tell him I don't drive in the rain and I have school to do. This goes on all FUCKING day.

I tell him I have to get a new dress Friday because I hate all the dresses I bought. he wanted to take me but I told him I was going with my mom.

Friday October 9

9:00am I get a text wanting to know what I was doing. I told him I was going to get a dress. I am out with my mom from 9:30a to 1:30p and I swear he texted and called me like 20 times. He would text then call then text then call then text then call. I did finally talk to him because I needed to know what time I needed to be there because I might be going to the rehearsal dinner. We agreed on about 5. When I did finally leave I sent him a text telling him so. He called me and he told me how he was paying for our room, his parents room, and his 2 brothers room. {note: our room had two beds. I made sure of that}. I get there at about 5:30pm.

This is where my real hell begins.....

We are standing outside the room and he keeps getting texts from his "ex" girlfriend. Of course he shows them to me. She misses him and wishes she was going to be with him this weekend. I was like she can go with you. {Please, Please, Please} No..he wants to spend time with me and she is crazy. He offers to get my stuff out of the car because I can't lift over 5 pounds {remember this}. I get my laptop all up and running so I can work on my school. He's kid is with us so it's pretty fun. Then he starts bitching about his ex wife in front of his son. He was like you have the worst manners, you get that from living with your mom right? His son says a hesitated yes. I guess he was sick of hanging with his son who he hasn't seen in like a year so he tells him to go find his grandma. He gets kind of miffed that he has to walk him down to her room. He comes back and starts talking about how much he likes me and I am so cute and bla bla bla. He goes on with dissing his ex wife then bitches about the ex girlfriend. The someone knocks on the door, it was one of his brothers. All his brothers were going to borrow one of his watches. I kind you not he is worse then a girl. He has a little jewelry bag full of watches and rings even a pinkie ring. I proceed to call him a girl several times threw the night and the next day. I call 'em like I see 'em.
The rehearsal is at 7 and he is late because he won't leave. Finally he is gone and I can work on my school and I kind of do but I mostly play on facebook, you know I have to maintain my Mafia, farm and Not even 15 min. later I get a text that him and his kid are in the arcade. I am confused shouldn't he be rehearsing? So I go to the arcade, I am not one to turn down video games. As we are playing his brother comes over with his gift because he wasn't at the rehearsal to get it. Next he has to go to the dinner. I am not going because I do have to work on school and I wouldn't feel comfortable with all his family. He walks me back to the room after he tells his son to go find his grandma. I get to the room and sit on my bed and begin working. He plops down beside me and watches everything I am typing. I HATE people that do that. If I want you to see what is on my screen I will show you. I was actually really hoping someone would IM me something really bad but that doesn't happen when you need it I shut my laptop because I don't want him to see any of my stuff. He then begins to rub my back and tell me again how much he likes me and I am so sweet and bla bla bla. {Note: for those who don't know, I have had two spine surgeries and I HATE people touching my back. I also hate when people touch my head. He knows this} I grab him and pull him to the door so he can go to the dinner. He says he will only be there an hour and I am like it is your brother's rehearsal dinner you need to stay. He complains about it but finally leaves. I get a text message 20 min later telling me to order room service. I hate ordering room service because it is so damn expensive but I do. I pay $14 for 4 chicken fingers and some fries. It is like 11pm and he comes storming into the room with his parents, 1 of his brothers and his son. He is swearing about his ex wife and looking for his kids medicine because his son called his mom asking her to come get him. Here is everything that he said about it:

"I am going to kill my kid, he called his mother to come get him. No one knew this until she called my phone yelling at me to be a better parent. She said he should have been in bed 2 hours ago and that I should pay more attention to him. I asked him if he was tired but he wanted to stay up so I let him. I am so sick of him calling her all the time. How dare she tell me how to parent."

Mind you, his son wasn't staying with us..Nope he was staying with..yes you guessed it..his mom. His mom was also suppose to take him to get a haircut the next morning. The amount of times he pushed his son onto his mom was appalling.

He tells his mom to take his kid to go meet his ex wife because he can't deal with her. We leave to go to a haunted house. On the way out his ex wife is waiting for him because his kid doesn't have his special toy that he can't sleep without. So on the way back to the room he bitches about how she probably brought it up to the kid and was just doing this to annoy him. Then he asks one of his friends if he will kill her. REALLY?

Finally we are at the haunted house we go with his brother and cousin. The haunted house itself sucked but it was fun with people jumping out at you and all the decorations. The strobe lights messed with my head but it was still fun. When we were done, I wanted to go back to the room and sleep. I am sure he would have preferred to go drinking with the other to but he took me back. I told him he could drop me off and go out with them but I was being stupid and he wanted to be with me. back at the room I lie on the bed after popping a ton of pills. He then cuddles up beside me. My back is facing him and he tries to pull me over on my back but I don't move and I tell him I don't feel well. So what does he do..Yep..rubs my back and rests his head on my head. He also keeps kissing my shoulder and head. I tell him I don't like people touching my back or head but what do I know? Then he proceeds to tell me the following:

Him: you know they will get you better
Me: I guess, I don't put much thought into it
Him: they will. The Mayo clinic is a great hospital, I looked it up. If it wasn't I would talk you out of going.
Me: you would, would you?
Him: I worry about you and care. I know you will get better and even if you don't I will still be here.
Me: I don't like talking about it. I also don't think about it because hope in this situation is a bad thing.
Him: They will fix you and you will be all better..he goes on and on and on about this.

Finally he says he has to take a shower. So he gets up, goes to the bathroom. I take over the bed by lying across it and under the covers. There is NO room for him. LOL

Saturday October 10 -- The wedding

The wedding was at 5pm. I woke up at 8am since I wanted to check on my school project. He was awake and the day was off to a shitty ass start. He started talking about what we were going to do the next week. Then he was making plans for when he came back in December. The way he was talking you would think we were going to be together every freaking day. Then this comment starting coming out: "If I can keep you that long".

He kept bitching because I had to work on my school work and my team members were calling then his phone rang and it was his best girlfriend. Lucky for me I could hear most of the conversation:

Her: so how are you?
Him: good.
Her: did you kiss her?
Him: yes
Him: No, before you even ask
Her: what was I going to ask?
Him: you know what you were going to ask and I am just answering before you have a chance.
Her: what? If you had sex?
Him: yes and no we didn't.
Her: oh.
Him: I need you to help me with my ex problem. She keeps texting me
Her: You want to get rid of her? Are you sure?
Him Yes.
Her: Ok. we will talk later. I want to hear all about it.
Him: {laughs} don't worry you will

He hangs up the phone and tells me the whole conversation he had with her. Who the hell does that? You are going to tell everyone, everything you do with them. That is such a great quality.

He son shows up with his mom and as she walks in, she stares at the two used beds and smiles. She tells her son what she has to do and there is a lot and he is like can you take care of my kid I want to sleep some more. I shake my head and he is like fine he can stay. He gets his ass out of bed and does the whole morning routine thing. So I am left watching his kid. We had a blast. We were jumping on the beds and talking about video games. It was the most fun I had. The he comes out and tells his son to go get ready and he proceeds to finish getting ready. He puts on a Rolex and two rings, one was a pinkie ring. I sit there laughing.

Him: what?
Me: you are such a girl
Him: I am not. You are such a mean girl.
Me: But you knew that.
Him: why do you have to be so mean to me. Don't you like me?
Me: I call 'em like I see 'em

His son comes out and he helps him to get ready. They are sitting there and he says "I try to be a good dad. Don't you think?" His son immediately says "you are a good dad". He is still waiting for me to say something but I don't. They finally leave for photos. I watch some tv and then start to get ready and about an hour later a knock comes on the door. It was his son. He sits with me and we watch tv and play with his dad's phone and he calls his mom. I have to keep that a secret because he doesn't want his dad to get mad at him. Another knock comes at the door and it is one of his super smokin' hot brothers. For clarification, the guy I am stuck going to the wedding with IS NOT SUPER SMOKIN' HOT. He isn't even cute..he is just blaah

At about quarter to 5. My date (his son) comes to take me to the wedding. I even told him that I ditched him for his son..ha ha ha!

5:00pm the wedding

He was an usher so he had to sit people and pull the white thingy. Then he came and sat with me and his son. As soon as he sits down he puts his arm around me and kisses my shoulder. He does this throughout the whole wedding. I notice people looking at me but I figured it was the blue highlights but as I look around I notice I am tame compared to the some of the guests. There is pink hair and arm sleeve tats. It occurs to me that they are doing the WTF? she is with him stare. After the wedding I leave and go back to the room to lie down. I was feeling so bad and I was barely holding it together. I had sent emails to my Best friend begging for help, but because I am a nice person I wasn't going to leave until after the wedding since I know they had already paid for my plate.
He and his son come back and we are just sitting there talking then all of a sudden he looks at his son and says "go find your grandma". I look at him as he says it again and then look at his kid and say "no. you are not going to find your grandma. stay here". I turn to him and say "your mom is busy you can watch your son" He is not pleased with this answer.

6:30pm the reception

We walk into the reception and I can feel everyone staring at me again with the same WTF? look. He sits me at the family table and kisses my cheek in front of all his family and his kid. I am not impressed. I talk with his dad about my school and such and then after he gets introduced he comes and sits down as he does this he kisses my shoulder. His aunt wants to take our picture so I lean over and before she takes he he has to kiss my cheek. Her and I exchange wtf He is hanging on me the rest of the night like a cheap suit. He gets mad at his son because he wants to go play video games and lectures him on how this is his uncles special day and he should stay here and spend time with everyone. Then all of sudden we are going to the arcade. His son is playing games and he is behind me with his arms wrapped around me. I am just standing there.

Him: you look beautiful
Me: I know
Him: how do I get you back to my room?
me: are we not in the same room?
Him: ok. how do I get you out of this dress?
Me: You don't.

His son's mom is coming to get him so we get him changed then wait for her in the lobby.

Him: My ex is really wanting to see you
Me: why?
Him: she is curious of the women I date. She wants to make sure she is the best looking. Which she is not. My family always says I dated the hottest women but married the ugly one.
{his son is right there}
Me: we are not dating
Him:well you know what I mean.
Me: no I don't

at this point his son goes and plays on the computer and I sit on the couch and he sits beside me.

Him: she is such a bitch and I hate her.
Me: you should be nicer
Him: I have tried but she makes it so hard
Me: you need to do it for yourself. She isn't all that bad she gave you your son.
Him: will you be there for me to help me be more positive?
Me: uh huh
Him: I need to stop drinking or I am going to tell you how much I love you and you will make fun of me for it because your mean
Me: but you knew that. I told you a I was a bitch
Him: your not a bitch. Your a sexy nice girl
Me: his mom is here

After giving his son to his mother he comes back in.

Him: do you want to go back to the room?
Me: no. let's go back to the reception. It's your brother's wedding. you need to be there
Him: no I don't I just want to spend time with you.
Me: you can spend time with me tomorrow.
Him: fine we will go back
Him: what did you say to my parents
Me: nothing. I talk to your dad about school
Him: that must be it then
Me: huh?
Him: my mom pulled me aside and told me that she really liked you and not to fuck it up.
Me: umm..ok

Back at the reception we sit at the table. My back is facing him and he wraps around me. His brother comes over and is like you need to be dancing he says do you really think I am going to leave this position I am in? I roll my eyes and his brother smiles and walks off. I leave to go to the bathroom and when I come back he is talking with his brothers. I sit down and he comes over

Him: I just got dared
Me: huh?
Him: my brother asked if I kissed you and I said yes and he didn't believe me so he dared me to kiss you.

He leans in and I turn away and say let's go smoke.

As we are smoking he tells me his mom talked to him again. Asking if I was having a good time because I am quite and he said yes I am sure she would say if she wasn't. She then said she wants to talk to you and get to know you in case I fuck it up maybe she can salvage it. We go back to the reception and he proceeds to tell more people he paid for everyone's rooms. I swear the whole fucking hotel and reception knew this.

At like 10:45pm we leave the reception. As soon as I get into the room I put my jeans on under my dress grab a shirt and go get changed. We are sitting there and I am thirsty and he has to get change for the soda machine so we walk to the front desk to get it. He is still in his tux, his shirt is just kind of untucked. We take the elevator up which is by the reception.

Him: I hope the reception is over and my mom doesn't see me
Me: why?
Him: she will think something happened
Me: No she won't
Him: you don't know my mom
Me: true but she knows my type. She won't think anything happened and nothing did.

I swear he was hoping someone saw him. We get back to the room. I drink some soda and lie down. He is right there. I fall asleep at 11:30pm. I wake up because someone knocked on the door but no one is there. I fall back asleep then at like 2am because the phone rang. He answers it and what I caught was the following:

Phone: Did you fuck her?
Him: mumbles
Phone: well since you can't seem to. Can I?
Him: I am going to come down there and kill you
Phone: laughing

Sunday October 11

I wake up and I feel terrible. I tell him I might need to go home. He says I just need to lie down for the day. We don't need to go to six flags. He pushes me into bed and then rubs my back and head..Seriously..again. His son also calls and says he doesn't want to come and spend time with him. Shocker.

The people keep coming in and out. He comes over by the me and says:

Him: you can go if you want, but you can just lie here all day and order room service.
Me: No I want to go home. I am staring to get bitchy
Him: no your not and I don't mind if you hit me
Me: I don't hit girls
Him: you are such a mean bitch to me. I bet everyone knows where they stand with you
Me: I told you this.
he said some other shit that I am not writing down because it was just plain mean
Me: you are too fucking serious. Get over yourself
Him: I am just joking.
Me: whatever

I tell him I am leaving after I listen to him tell me how the world is such a terrible place and all the money he made and all the girls that want him..bla bla bla

He is pissed that I am leaving and he is lying on the bed and in a snotty voice says do I have to help you take your stuff to the car? I look at him and am like yes I can't lift over 5 pounds. He takes my stuff to the car I kiss him goodbye and he is like do I have a chance with you and I say maybe because I want to get the fuck out of there and I don't want to deal with some long ass in depth conversation. I figured I would talk to him on Monday and tell him no.

I text him when I get home and I don't get an instant text back. I just laugh and thank God.

That was my weekend. There will be a part 2 of this blog telling you what happened next. I really do hope this made you laugh. I am still laughing at it. Don't forget to leave comments, I want to know what you think. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

It's only Monday!

I can't believe it is only Monday, well Tuesday early early I feel like I have been hit by a truck and I still have 4 days to do.

Today was one of those days. My friend is having a horrible two days and I am worried about her, but I am positive everything will be ok and work out.

My day was interesting. I had to get 4 new tires. I had one go flat so I had the donut on. I made the appointment at the tire place. I drove over to the tire place and as I was turning in I felt another tire go. Here is the best part..I parked and the rest of my tires blew out. Total GTA move!! I was so excited and now I totally wish I took a picture. Ha!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dog Tags

I am pretty sure the dogs in my neighborhood talk to each other. I say this because when one seems to get lost, they end up at my house. In the last year I have dealt with 6 lost dogs. Only one had to be picked up by the cops.

So tonight I was outside smoking and low and behold a lost dog. He comes running up to me like "im here!! feed me, love me take me home." so I look for the dog tag, you know the tag you put on your dog so when they show up at my house I can call you..that tag. Nope, no tag. I hate this more then I hate broccoli and you all know how much I hate that. So I decided I was just going to call the cops to come get him because its 1am, raining and I have the flu. He was on to my thoughts because he ran off. So now I feel bad bc this poor little dog is roaming around.

Why should I feel bad? The stupid owner didn't buy a simple I.D. tag. They are like $5.00 at PetSmart or like $1.50 online with free shipping. How hard is it? You spent some god awful amount on the dog, wouldn't you like him back when he is lost?

I think our stupid sub-division should put a rule in about dogs must have tags..They have rules for everything else.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The post office

Today was one of those "I got out of bed..why?"

I had to mail a whole bunch of to my friends all over the world. One package was going to Germany, it had two bags of chips in it. It was going to cost 38.00..Really? Then I had a package going to the UK with 4 packages of Oreos..that was going to cost 41.00..Really? Then I had a package going to the Australia, it had muffin tins and candy it cost 23.00...Really? The package going the furthest cost the less..How does that make sense? I ended up going to the post office 3 times today because I had to repackage the one to the UK and then I had to Overnight my cobra payment..I hate the post office.

Reznor was so funny tonight. My neighbours have a fire pit and they had a fire tonight and Reznor was doing his little growl and pacing back and fourth..It was so cute.

I officially have an A in my class. I am so happy. I can not get anything but A's. I want honors so badly.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

life and everything in between

I enjoy my life as much as I moan and groan about being sick and broke. I am a very happy and positive person. A LOT has happened to me in the last 6 months and I have learned a lot. But you want to read about my magical moments of clarity? Nah..I didn't think so.

This week has been crazy. Calvin had bladder surgery last week, so he has been high like his mommy all Reznor has decided that the couch makes a yummy chew toy...he really took my words to heart when I whispered "chew the couch so I can get a new one"..opps my bad. Diesel has been trying to decide if he wants to play with Reznor or kill him. I believe the killing part is on top.

I managed to sprain my foot and ankle and then blew out my knee. I laugh at all this. What else can I do? LOL

My dogs are my life and I love them so much. Everyday I find a new reason to love them more. Diesel always seems to know when I need to cuddle and he crawls up on my chest and nuzzles his head in my nook. Calvin is too high to do anything. He seems to have become fond of being carried everywhere. He just plops down and waits for me to come get him and carry him to wear he needs to be. I have created a spoiled He ripped out some of his staples the other day so we had to go get more put in. Poor guy. Don't feel too bad for him, he did manage to look pathetic enough to get a new toy and a couple of treats. Reznor is the craziest of them all..He runs around the durniture like it is a race track and every circle around he gains speed and when he believes he is done. He just stops. LOL. His other new thing is that he gains speed on the carpet then hits the bare floor and slides. he stops when he hits a wall. He also enjoys harassing the frogs. Poor little frogs. He chases them and then picks them up in his mouth and drops them on the grass..I think he he thinks he is helping them. Yes..they have peed in his mouth..several times. He is doing well in puppy school, he enjoys getting my mom's dog in trouble by getting her to start He is my little terror.

Later today I should ahve some more fun stories since we have puppy class tonight and he hasn't seen my mom's dog since Saturday.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Calvin, my middle puppy, is having surgery today. He has to have bladder stones removed. I am so upset about this. I feel so helpless. He is my gentle soul. Sure he growls and wags his tail at the same time but he is the best cuddler and gives the funniest kisses. I hope he is ok and I will worry until I get the call.
I have my mom's dog here. she and Reznor, my youngest puppy, crack my shit up. they run around my house like they are doing track and field. Their new thing is to get up speed on the carpet then slide when they hit the linoleum. All you see is fur slide past you and hit the wall to

I love my dogs. They are my reason for getting up in the morning. They make me laugh and have made me realize life can be just one big playday!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wave Goodbye

I am so sad today. My favorite group, Nine Inch Nails is playing their last show. It has been 20 years and I can not believe it is over. Trent is an amazing artist who saved my life with his music. He is able to take the worst events and put music to it and then it touched your soul.

I will always be a NIN fan. I will always love Trent and Justin. I will continue to pray that they come back..soon.

I am not ready to "Wave Goodbye". Over 20 years of NIN...It's been a wild ride. Thank you Trent Reznor for everything, I look forward to your future endeavors. I will always ♥ you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dogs are children in fur coats...

I love my dogs..I would do anything for them and if someone hurt them..I would hurt them back. Lately, it seems my house has been taken over by them. Their crates take up a whole section of the family room, their toys another section and then they take over the couch. I am surprised I have room on it right now. My dogs are small 19 pounds but I tell you they can take up some room. My first two use to take up one whole side of my king bed..Imagine if I had all three on it. I would have to sleep on the floor but as long as they are

I always say a dog can pee, puke, bite, whatever on me and I will be like it's ok..But if a child did any of that I would be

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love at first sight...

I was on facebook, like I always am, when I saw one of my "friends" was pregnant and she put "I never knew love at fist sight existed until I saw this (being her ultrasound picture)". Don't get me wrong I am happy for her but I have a huge problem with her statement. It may be petty and maybe I don't understand because I don't have kids but in some strange way this statement offended me. I am not sure why. I do know love at first sight. I had it with each of my dogs, I know I had it with my parents when they first held me and I had it with my friends children when I first saw them.
I just think her statement is false. I understand her excitement but really did she have to put that? What does her husband think of that it is like she cares more about the baby in her womb then her husband or anyone else.
I am sure I am being stupid, but I just don't get it.