Thursday, October 15, 2009

Confessions of a mean hott girl..Part two

Now that you have had time to compose yourself from the first part, are you ready to laugh even harder? This is everything that happened after I left and how I finally had to tell him to get a clue.

Sunday Night I signed into yahoo messenger. I forgot to set myself as invisible and as soon as I appeared online he Im'd me.

Him: how are you feeling?
Me: terrible
Him: I am sorry we wore you out at the wedding last night Me: you didn't
Him: I know you weren't feeling well and I should have taken you back to the room as soon as I saw you didn't feel well.

Me: I appreciate your concern, but I have been dealing with this for a long time and I know how to take care of myself.

Him: Don't be mad at me I can hear the anger in your voice. I was joking.

You asked me a question earlier today if you had a chance. To be honest all I wanted this weekend was to have a good time and get to know you. I was really hoping to just go with the flow and not have to feel pressured to make a choice, but you have voiced that you want an answer and need to know. So No you do not have a chance with me.

I signed off after that. I know it seems extreme that I turned that fast and it looks like he is just concerned, but the whole time I was with him he made me feel sick. I kept telling him I didn't want to talk about it and not to worry but he pushed and pushed the topic. I was already pissed off because of what I had to deal with and this just sent me over.

I received an email from him later that night: {I should note that on this email were bubble hearts}

I honestly don't know why I asked you that today, but, I never said I had to have a yes or no answer right this moment. Your right we might be compatible or we might not. I don't exactly know how I just made you very mad and I am sorry I did. I guess I am asking you to forgive me and please do not base things one one stupid mistake that I would not be able to forgive myself for. you are a wonderful woman and no matter if you forgive me or not you will make some man happier than he can imagine.

He really thinks that is why I am done? Whatever..I didn't respond to this. I was done. I made my choice very clear and I figured he would just leave me alone. No such luck.

Monday I got a text from him: I am coping it directly..Spelling errors and all.

Hay I know you were pretty mad yesterday, I don't know whats up, if you hate me and never contact U again or what. Do you still want to go to Phantom or should I ask someone else? I do want to take U, but U have to tell me whats up.

I got another text 6 hours later with ???

I didn't respond to either. I am pretty sure my im explained how I felt. There really wasn't any gray area. Apparently I was wrong because I got another IM..this one was classic...

so what we can't still be friends because we were not compatable as a couple? I would not have expected the cold sholder from you nor would I have ever just abandoned you. I told you I never abandon friends and yes we could have still been friends. I hope your feeling better.

Abandon him? Ummm...It was decided that I needed to send one last email so that he would leave me alone.

Here is the email I sent to him:

Clearly I need to spell things out for you, since you can't seem to get a clue. I do not want any type of relationship with you, be it romance or friendship. Your behavior this weekend was appalling. The way you kept smothering me, continuously touched my back and head when I asked you not to and how you were so disrespectful to your family during your brother's special day. However the worst was how you were with your son. The way you talked about his mother in front of him, how you were hanging off of me in front of him and how you kept pushing him off on your mother. Your mother was under enough stress. She didn't need to have to watch your child. You have too many issues and are too toxic for my life. I have enough stress and problems in my own life without having to cope with someone else's, especially someone who is very needy on so many levels, and hasn't a clue on how to even have a decent relationship with your own child. Please do not contact me again. I will not change my mind and I DO NOT want you in my life..EVER. I wish you the best in everything you do and hope you find the happiness you want.

I have been told I should be getting a hate email. I still haven't gotten it or you know that would be my strong ending..LOL.

I do feel bad about attacking his parenting and I am not one to do that but I feel so bad for his son. He is a pawn in the hate game his parents have and someone needed to call him out on it.

If I do get that hate email. I will post it.

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  1. Wow what a douche!! Incredible that you put up with it as long as you did. You are better than me. At least you got an interesting story out of it!