Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dog Tags

I am pretty sure the dogs in my neighborhood talk to each other. I say this because when one seems to get lost, they end up at my house. In the last year I have dealt with 6 lost dogs. Only one had to be picked up by the cops.

So tonight I was outside smoking and low and behold a lost dog. He comes running up to me like "im here!! feed me, love me take me home." so I look for the dog tag, you know the tag you put on your dog so when they show up at my house I can call you..that tag. Nope, no tag. I hate this more then I hate broccoli and you all know how much I hate that. So I decided I was just going to call the cops to come get him because its 1am, raining and I have the flu. He was on to my thoughts because he ran off. So now I feel bad bc this poor little dog is roaming around.

Why should I feel bad? The stupid owner didn't buy a simple I.D. tag. They are like $5.00 at PetSmart or like $1.50 online with free shipping. How hard is it? You spent some god awful amount on the dog, wouldn't you like him back when he is lost?

I think our stupid sub-division should put a rule in about dogs must have tags..They have rules for everything else.

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