Saturday, September 26, 2009

The post office

Today was one of those "I got out of bed..why?"

I had to mail a whole bunch of to my friends all over the world. One package was going to Germany, it had two bags of chips in it. It was going to cost 38.00..Really? Then I had a package going to the UK with 4 packages of Oreos..that was going to cost 41.00..Really? Then I had a package going to the Australia, it had muffin tins and candy it cost 23.00...Really? The package going the furthest cost the less..How does that make sense? I ended up going to the post office 3 times today because I had to repackage the one to the UK and then I had to Overnight my cobra payment..I hate the post office.

Reznor was so funny tonight. My neighbours have a fire pit and they had a fire tonight and Reznor was doing his little growl and pacing back and fourth..It was so cute.

I officially have an A in my class. I am so happy. I can not get anything but A's. I want honors so badly.

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