Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dogs are children in fur coats...

I love my dogs..I would do anything for them and if someone hurt them..I would hurt them back. Lately, it seems my house has been taken over by them. Their crates take up a whole section of the family room, their toys another section and then they take over the couch. I am surprised I have room on it right now. My dogs are small 19 pounds but I tell you they can take up some room. My first two use to take up one whole side of my king bed..Imagine if I had all three on it. I would have to sleep on the floor but as long as they are comfy..lol.

I always say a dog can pee, puke, bite, whatever on me and I will be like it's ok..But if a child did any of that I would be pissed..lol.

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