Thursday, December 10, 2009

Doggie...Its cold outside

Each morning, I wake up to the sweet whimpers of Reznor. He is still crated at night so he lets you know its time to get up and go potty. As soon as my eyes open I am assaulted by Diesel and Calvin. Morning kisses to start my day off perfectly.
I let Reznor out of his crate and take the boys outside. In winter, this is a big ordeal. The long lines are frozen, so I have to warm up the metal to get the clasp open. The wind is blowing and it is freezing out as I fumble with 3 lines. Once I finally get that done...they go In the freezing weather they are out there playing. Chasing the one leaf that is left, digging in the dirt, barking at people walking by. After about 20 minutes of freezing my ass off, its time to go in. No..this does not happen..Nope. The dogs decide that now they should potty. So I stand out there for another 10 minutes waiting. I can't go in because then they will stop what they are doing and run to the door because I am out of their sight. Once they are finally done, we come in and get a treat. I begin to thaw out when Reznor decides he has to go out again..He sits at the gate crying and howling. Outside we go where he plays with the rocks. No potty, just playing in the rocks. We come back in and Diesel decides he has to go out, so out I go..again.
This little potty game, lasts all day. Every 20-30 minutes I am taking one or all of them out, in the cold. I should mention..In the summer..we don't have this fun game. It is going to be a long long long winter.

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